Effects of Trenbolone

In the world of anabolic androgenic steroids, Trenbolone is one of the very best. Most athletes agree that Trenbolone is quite possibly the most effective steroid supplement in history. The effects of Trenbolone cannot be denied: Tren is ideal for almost any cycle, especially strength and bulking. There are some rather harsh side effects , but those can be avoided through responsible supplementation.

Because the positive effects of Trenbolone show up in so many different areas, it can be used for nearly every cycle, thanks to its versatility. However, the brutal side effects make this either a fantastic supplement a no-go for some athletes. Thankfully, most athletes will tolerate the effects of Trenbolone just fine, and will not find a more versatile, applicable supplement for performance enhancement.

Most primary effects of Tren are quite similar to those of testosterone. However, the effects are much greater than those of testosterone. One such benefit is increased red blood cell count. Red blood cells carry oxygen to and through the blood so a low RBC count can result in conditions like anemia. The increase in red blood cells users of Trenbolone experience delivers a higher percentage of oxygen and promotes better muscle endurance and strength.
Another positive benefit is increased Nitrogen retention. In order for an anabolic state to be maintained in the body, the athlete has to retain as much nitrogen as possible. The higher the nitrogen retention, the more stable the anabolic state, which in turn boosts the synthesis of protein, which leads us to another positive effect. Improved protein synthesis is a very important benefit of Trenbolone. All muscle is comprised of protein, so the synthesis of protein means the rate at which cells build proteins. By enhancing this protein-building process, the athlete can both build tissue faster, and build more tissue, all while preserving more tissue when under stressful situations.


One of the more important positive effects of Trenbolone is an increased nutrient efficiency. Food and nutrition is a very necessary element to any athletes program. Without the right foods there will be no muscle growth or even maintenance. One of the most advantageous effects is this increased efficiency turbo-charges every bit of food the athlete consumes. Maximizing the nutritional effect of the foods consumed. As with any other steroid, another effect of Trenbolone is a higher metabolic rate. With Tren, we get the added benefit of direct lipolysis, or fat-burning. No steroid is more efficient at directly burning fat than Trenbolone, with its ability to firmly bind to androgen receptors. All of these factors make the fat-burning effects more pronounced than any other steroid on the market.

These are just a few of the positive benefits of Trenbolone. As with any steroid, responsible use and supplementation will dictate the athlete’s success or failure. But if you were still wondering about the truly powerful effects of Trenbolone, let’s compare it once more to Testosterone: Tren’s anabolic and androgenic ratios are both 500/500 as opposed to testosterone at 100/100. With ratios like that it’s obvious how potent of an anabolic steroid Trenbolone is.